Commonly used phylogenetic methods, Monash HPC access and basic bioinformatics


Don Teng

This is a collection of get started pages and introductory tutorials for computational methods routinely used within the group, followed by details on access to high-performance computing access within Monash, and links to bioinformatics beginners tutorials. Recommended prerequisites are listed at the top of that page. However, try as I might to make them so, there's no guarantee that each tutorial is entirely self-contained, but the idea is that you should be able to start anywhere.

  1. Lab Admin

  2. Theory and Software

  3. Using high-performance computers

    • hpc-resources - A quick overview of the HPC and data-serving resources available, and basic usage policies.
    • about-our-hpc - How to use the lab's internal server, located in room 217
    • m3-quickstart - A tutorial on how to send a job to M3.
    • m3-tips-and-tricks - A dumping ground for how to use M3 slightly more efficiently.
  4. Tech Tips