A bunch of procedures, common procs and APIs


Don Teng

This first introductory page contains a bunch of essential readings to get the basics first. Useful sources: Wikipedia, Reddit Explain Like I'm 5 (ELI5), Khan Academy (for undergraduate-level academic concepts), Stackoverflow (a Q&A site for programming), Youtube.


This repo contains several tutorial files, with varying levels of difficulty. Recommended prerequisites will be listed near the top of that tutorial. However, try as I might to make them so, there's no guarantee that each tutorial is entirely self-contained, but the idea is that you should be able to start anywhere.

  1. Phylogenetics

  2. Using high-performance computers

  3. Other miscellaneous

    • [data-wrangling] - Upcoming. Some recommended practices for virus name configurations, what kind of files to prepare, and how to pass data to your RA.
    • R-ggtree-demo - How to plot some basic trees with ggtree, in R. This PDF document should be viewable in your browser, but doesn't always; you can download it to view it if required.
    • misc-learning-to-code - tutorial on how to learn to code, not actually on how to code. Has links for the latter.
    • software-python-resources - A bunch of python resources.
    • software-tips-and-tricks - A dumping ground for miscellaneous bash or computational tips and tricks.
    • tech-github - Tutorial for basic command line usage of Github.
    • misc-writing - How to write so that others can understand you.
    • things-to-read-up-on - Don's things to read up on.
    • London BEAST workshop notes - Don's notes from London.